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20 timesacroop2011-08-25
16 timesacroop2011-08-25
16 timesacroop2011-08-25
17 timesacroop2011-08-25
Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker Poster (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
13 going on 3088 times jasgot2011-06-10
1492 Conquest of paradise (1992)36 times CaptainKirk2012-02-17
2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)55 times CaptainKirk2012-05-19
20000 Leagues under the sea (1954)32 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
2001 a space odyssey (1968)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
2010 The Year We Make Contact (1984)79 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
201258 times nuldeday2011-06-09
2012 (2009)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
30062 times nuldeday2011-06-09
50\50 (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-10
88 Minutes (2007)37 times CaptainKirk2012-04-08
A Bridge too Far33 times nuldeday2011-06-28
A bridge too far (1977)30 times CaptainKirk2012-04-14
A Bug's Life40 times jasgot2011-06-20
A Bugs Life (1998)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-14
A Christmas Story33 times jasgot2011-06-20
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
A History of Violence38 times jasgot2011-06-20
l'Origine30 times acroop2011-08-25
A passage to India (1984)29 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
A shot in the dark (1964)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-14
A Thousand Words - 201236 times kevinchua562012-09-28
A Time To Kill35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
A Time to Kill38 times jasgot2011-06-20
A trip to the Moon (1902)36 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Abduction35 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter - 201240 times kevinchua562012-11-17
Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter27 times Nuldeday2012-10-20
Across the Universe30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Adventures of TinTin (2011)39 times CaptainKirk2012-02-22
African Cats Kingdom of Courage (2011)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Age of the Dragons31 times nuldeday2011-08-12
Air Buddies30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Aladdin (1992)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Aladin41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Alex Cross (2012)33 times kevinchua562012-12-17
Alice in Wonderland34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Alice in Wonderland31 times acroop2011-08-25
Alice in Wonderland (1951)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Alien49 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Alien 346 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Alien vs Avatars (2011)28 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
Alien: Resurrection (1997)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Aliens43 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Aliens in the Attic (2009)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
All Dogs go to Heaven 238 times jasgot2011-06-20
All Good Things35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Almighty Thor33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Alpha and Omega58 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Alvin and the Chipmunks (2007)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Alvin and the Chipmunks_ Chip-Wrecked (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-03-14
Alvin en de Chipmunks 252 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Amadeus (1984)35 times CaptainKirk2012-03-27
American Gangster36 times jasgot2011-06-20
American Graffiti40 times jasgot2011-06-20
American History X37 times nuldeday2011-06-28
American Pie (1999)38 times CaptainKirk2012-03-27
American Pie 2 (2001)29 times CaptainKirk2012-03-27
Amy Winehouse: Live From Porchester Hall London52 times acroop2011-09-05
Amy Winehouse: Live From Shepherd's Bush Empire London39 times acroop2011-09-05
Anastasia37 times jasgot2011-06-20
Anastasia (1997)31 times CaptainKirk2012-03-14
and Justice for All44 times jasgot2011-06-20
Angels and Demons46 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Anna Karenina (2012)30 times nuldeday2013-03-24
Anonymous (2011)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Another Year28 times jasgot2011-06-20
Anton Chekhov's The Duel32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Any Given Sunday35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Apocalypto44 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Apocalypto38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Apollo 13 (1995)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Apollo 18 (2011)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters50 times jasgot2011-06-20
Aquamarine (2006)34 times CaptainKirk2012-05-18
Arctic Blast (2010)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Arthur40 times jasgot2011-06-20
Arthur Christmas (2011)28 times Med_500X2_JB2012-10-21
Artificial Intelligence AI (2001)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Artificial Intelligence: AI35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Asterix En Obelix Tegen Caesar38 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Asterix In America38 times nuldeday2012-04-22
Atlantis: the Lost Empire33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Atonement38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Austin Powers in Goldmember33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery40 times jasgot2011-06-20
Australia36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Avatar91 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Avatar The Last Airbender53 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Avengers, The36 times Nuldeday2012-09-02
Awakening, The33 times nuldeday2012-04-22
Babe32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Babe: Pig in the City33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Babylon A.D (2008)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Back To The Future 137 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Back To The Future 233 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Bad Boys (1995)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Bad Boys 2 (2003)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Bambi32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Bambi (1942)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Bambi 228 times jasgot2011-06-20
Band Of Brothers Carentan31 times nuldeday2011-06-29
Band Of Brothers Currahee38 times nuldeday2011-06-29
Band Of Brothers Days Of Days33 times nuldeday2011-06-29
Banlieue 13 Ultimatum33 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Baraka (1992)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-09
Barney's Version31 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Barry Lyndon31 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Batman36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Batman & Robin38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Batman - The Movie (1966)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Batman - Under the Red Hood (2010)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Batman - Year One (2011)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Batman Begins39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Batman Dark Knight44 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Batman forever36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Batman Returns39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Battle LA55 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Battle: Los Angeles44 times jasgot2011-06-20
Battleship (2012)34 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Beauty and the Beast34 times jasgot2011-06-20
beauty and the beast (1991)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Bedazzled32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Bedknobs and Broomsticks (1971)36 times CaptainKirk2012-03-15
Bee Movie (2007) CORRUPT30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Bee Movie (juiste size folder.jpg)29 times nuldeday2012-02-08
Behind Enemy Lines38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Being There28 times jasgot2011-06-20
Ben Hur (1959)35 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Beowulf (2007)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Best Laid Plans33 times nuldeday2012-04-01
Better Life, A28 times nuldeday2012-05-25
Betty Blue32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Beyond (2011)28 times CaptainKirk2012-03-29
Big Buck Bunny34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Big Miracle (2012)27 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Big Trouble in Little China32 times nuldeday2011-10-16
Black Book36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Black Death35 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Black Gold (2011)37 times CaptainKirk2012-04-17
Black Hawk Down35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Black Hawk Down34 times nuldeday2012-02-04
Black Swan155 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Black Swan41 times jasgot2011-06-20
Blade Runner (1982)24 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Blood Diamond (2006)32 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Blow Out32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Blue Valentine37 times jasgot2011-06-20
Bolt (2008)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Bolt (juiste size folder.jpg)32 times nuldeday2012-02-08
Bordertown35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Bourne Identity34 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Bourne Legacy - 201231 times kevinchua562012-12-03
Bourne Supremacy37 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Bourne Ultimatum40 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Brave (2012)29 times Med_500X2_JB2012-10-21
Brave - 201231 times kevinchua562012-11-17
Brazil (1985)35 times CaptainKirk2012-02-26
Bridge to Terabithia (2007)35 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Brothers32 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Bruce Almighty34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Buried37 times jasgot2011-06-20
Burning Palms38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Butterfly Effect, The28 times nuldeday2012-03-04
Cabin in the Woods, The34 times Nuldeday2012-08-22
Cairo Time (2009)33 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Camp Rock31 times jasgot2011-06-20
Camp Rock 2: the Final Jam33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Capricorn One (1977)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Captain America-The First Avenger29 times nuldeday2012-01-09
Carlito's Way30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Carnage33 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
Cars51 times jasgot2011-06-20
Cars (2008)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Cast Away (2000)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Catwoman (2004)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Cedar Rapids32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Celda 21132 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Cellular33 times nuldeday2012-04-22
Centurion36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Ces l'amoures-l30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Changeling31 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Charlie and the chocolate factory37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Charlotte's Web37 times jasgot2011-06-20
Chico & Rite34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Children of Men36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Christiane F-Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo37 times nuldeday2012-05-28
Christmas Vacation35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Chronicle (2012)36 times CaptainKirk2012-05-02
Chronicles of Narnia-Prince Caspian35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Chronicles of Narnia-The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Chronicles of Narnia-The Voyage of the Dawn Treader45 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Chronicles of Riddick34 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Cindarella Man35 times jasgot2011-06-20
City of Ember39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Clash of the Titans39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Clash of the Titans31 times jasgot2011-06-20
Clash of the Titans (2010)34 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-22
Cleopatra (1963)32 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Click (2006)31 times CaptainKirk2012-03-15
Cliffhanger36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Close Encounters of the Third Kind39 times jasgot2011-06-20
Closer (2004)35 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Cocoon (1985)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Code name, The Cleaner (2007)34 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Colombiana (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-10
Color Purple, The33 times nuldeday2012-04-29
Columbus Circel29 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
Commando (1985)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Company Men56 times jasgot2011-06-20
Con Air38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Con Air (1997)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-28
Conan the Barbarian (1982)29 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Conan the Barbarian (2011)47 times nuldeday2011-11-13
Consenting Adults30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Constantine34 times nuldeday2012-02-28
Contact32 times nuldeday2012-02-28
Contagion30 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Contraband (2012)35 times CaptainKirk2012-04-15
Control31 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Cougars, Inc.36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Courier, The36 times nuldeday2012-04-29
Cousin Cousine34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Cowboys & Aliens35 times nuldeday2011-11-30
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon28 times acroop2011-08-25
Daredevil (2003)36 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Dark City42 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Dark Island (2010)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Dark Knight Rises, The - 201229 times kevinchua562012-11-23
Dark Shadows (2012)31 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-11
Dark Tide (2012)33 times CaptainKirk2012-06-16
Dark Tide - 201225 times kevinchua562012-09-29
Darkest Hour, The33 times nuldeday2012-04-02
Darkman (1990)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-14
Day the Earth Stood Still, The (2008)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Daybreakers28 times nuldeday2012-03-05
De Avonturen van Kuifje 3D29 times nuldeday2012-02-26
De Avonturen van Kuifje: Het geheim van de Eenhoorn34 times nuldeday2012-02-26
De Drie Musketiers (2004)34 times CaptainKirk2012-04-09
De Eetclub37 times ACRoop2011-09-05
De Heineken Ontvoering (2011)29 times CaptainKirk2012-03-14
De kleine zeemeermin (1989)36 times CaptainKirk2012-03-16
De Smurfen34 times nuldeday2011-12-05
De-Lovely30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Dead Calm36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Dead Man's Shoes27 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Death Race (2008)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Death Wish (1974)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-10
Debt, The29 times nuldeday2012-02-09
Deep Impact (1998)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Defendor37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Deja Vu (2006)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-17
Deliverance (1972)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Der Untergang (2004)36 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Dog Days (Het leven van een loser)29 times nuldeday2013-03-24
Die Fremde (2010)31 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Die Hard40 times jasgot2011-06-20
Die Hard 136 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Die Hard 233 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Die Hard 338 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Die Hard 439 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Dirty Harry35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Disclosure33 times nuldeday2012-04-22
Disclosure (1994)33 times CaptainKirk2012-05-18
Disneys Treasure Planet (2002)38 times CaptainKirk2012-04-11
District 937 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Doctor Dolittle30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Doctor Zhivago31 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Dolfje Weerwolfje (2011)35 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
Dolfje Weerwolfje (2011)33 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-27
Dont be afraid of the Dark28 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Doom (2005)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Doornroosje (1959)37 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Dorian Gray (2009)34 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Double, The36 times nuldeday2012-02-09
Doubt36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Dragon Eyes (2012)37 times CaptainKirk2012-04-14
Dream House31 times nuldeday2012-01-28
Drive36 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Drive Angry54 times nuldeday2011-06-09
DuckTales_ The Movie - Treasure of the Lost Lamp (1990)37 times CaptainKirk2012-06-16
Dune (1984)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Duplex33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Duplicity35 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Eagle Eye50 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Eagle Eye32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Eagles: Farewell 1 Tour - Live From Melbourne42 times acroop2011-09-05
Eastern Promises39 times jasgot2011-06-20
Eastern Promises32 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Eat, Pray, Love18 timesMed_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Edwin Boyd (2011)32 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-11
Elephant White34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Elite Squad37 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Elite Squad27 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Elite Squad (2007)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-15
Elite Squad 2 (2010)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-18
Elizabeth-The Golden Age38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Enemy At The Gates35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Enemy of the State38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Enemy of the State (1998)30 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Enter the Dragon33 times nuldeday2012-04-01
Entrapment35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Equilibrium36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Eragon (2006)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-26
Eraser (1996)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 201035 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Eternal sunshine of the Spotless mind (2004)39 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Evan Almighty30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Event Horizon (1997)32 times CaptainKirk2012-04-11
Existenz (1999)36 times CaptainKirk2012-04-15
Exorcist, The29 times Nuldeday2012-09-02
Fair Game35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Fantastic Four (2005)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Fantastic Four-Rise of the Silver Surfer39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)37 times CaptainKirk2012-03-14
Far and Away29 times nuldeday2012-04-02
Far from Heaven33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Far From Heaven32 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Fast & Furious (2009)25 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Fast Five (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Fiddler on the Roof34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Final Destination 532 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Final Fantasy VII_ Advent Children (2005)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-26
FireBreather29 times nuldeday2012-01-28
first blood37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
First Squad The Moment of Truth (2009)35 times CaptainKirk2012-04-08
Five Minarets in New York28 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Flawless30 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Flicka 233 times jasgot2011-06-20
Flipper28 times jasgot2011-06-20
Flypaper29 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
Flypaper36 times nuldeday2012-04-28
Four Lions (2010)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Four Rooms (1995)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-07
Full Metal Jacket38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Gamer29 times jasgot2011-06-20
Gamer (2009)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Gangs of New York35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Gattaca32 times FritFrut2011-08-22
Get Shorty34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Get The Gringo - 201229 times kevinchua562012-09-28
Ghandi34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Ghost in the Shell 1 (1995)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Ghost in the Shell 2 , Innocence (2004)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Ghost Rider32 times nuldeday2012-01-28
Ghost Rider-Spirit of Vengeance32 times nuldeday2012-05-28
Ghost Town (2008)31 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Ghostbusters37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Ghosts of Mars33 times nuldeday2011-11-30
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The29 times nuldeday2012-03-03
Gnomeo & Juliet39 times jasgot2011-06-20
Gnomeo & Juliet39 times nuldeday2011-08-11
Gone Baby Gone33 times nuldeday2012-04-28
Green Lantern (2011)35 times nuldeday2011-10-09
GreenLantern-Emerald Knights33 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Gremlins31 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Gremlins 2 ,The new batch (1990)36 times CaptainKirk2012-05-02
Groundhog Day36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Guardians of Ga' Hoole (2010)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Gulliver's Travels39 times jasgot2011-06-20
Gullivers Travels40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Hall Pass44 times jasgot2011-06-20
Hall pass (2011)27 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Hancock46 times jasgot2011-06-20
Hanibal Rising32 times nuldeday2012-04-09
Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters28 times nuldeday2013-07-03
Happiness Is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Happy Feet52 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Happy Feet 231 times nuldeday2012-04-01
Happy Feet 2 (2011)38 times CaptainKirk2012-03-14
Happy Gilmore34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Harry Potter 1- Philosopher's Stone53 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Harry Potter 2-The Chamber of Secrets55 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Harry Potter 3-The Prisoner of Azkaban64 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Harry Potter 4-The Goblet of Fire51 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Harry Potter 5-The Order Of The Phoenix57 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Harry Potter 6-The Half Blood Prince55 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Harry Potter 7-Deadly Hallows part 169 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Harry Potter 8-Deadly Hallows part 241 times nuldeday2011-10-27
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 231 times nuldeday2011-10-27
Haywire35 times nuldeday2012-04-28
Hellboy35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Hellboy 2- The golden Army41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Hereafter38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Het Bernini Mysterie (2009)25 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Hidalgo34 times nuldeday2011-06-09
High School Musical 3: Senior Year33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Highlander Endgame (2000)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Hogfather32 times FritFrut2011-08-22
Hook 199128 times CaptainKirk2012-02-17
Hop (2011)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-14
Horrible Bosses (2011)33 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Horton Hears A Who32 times nuldeday2012-04-22
Hostage30 times acroop2011-09-04
Hostel35 times nuldeday2012-03-03
Hostel 232 times nuldeday2012-03-03
Hostel: Part 231 times jasgot2011-06-20
Houdini30 times jasgot2011-06-20
House Of Flying Daggers Shi Mian Mai Fu (2004)37 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
How Do You Know (2010)29 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
How to Train Your Dragon20 timesnuldeday2011-06-09
How to Train Your Dragon54 times nuldeday2011-07-02
Hugo (2011)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-19
Hunter, The28 times Nuldeday2012-08-22
I am Legend51 times nuldeday2011-06-09
I am Number four61 times nuldeday2011-06-09
I am Number Four42 times jasgot2011-06-20
I Don't Know How She Does It29 times nuldeday2012-01-20
I Robot (2004)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Ice Age 174 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Ice Age 257 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Ice Age 365 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Ice Age Continental Drift (2012)33 times Med_500X2_JB2012-10-18
Ice Age Continental Drift (2012)30 times kevinchua562012-11-27
Ice Twisters32 times nuldeday2011-11-30
Immortals35 times Med_500X2_JB2012-02-17
Immortals28 times nuldeday2012-02-28
In Bruges (2008)25 times CaptainKirk2012-02-18
In Her Skin30 times nuldeday2012-01-28
In The Name Of The King: a Dungeon Siege Tale29 times nuldeday2012-01-05
In Time35 times nuldeday2012-01-28
Incendies32 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Independence Day (1996)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Indiana Jones-Kingdom of the Crystal Skull42 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Indiana Jones-Raiders of the Lost Ark41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Indiana Jones-Temple of Doom40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Indiana Jones-The Last Crusade37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Inglourious Basterds33 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Inside Man36 times FritFrut2011-08-22
Into the White (2012)32 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-11
Into the Wild45 times jasgot2011-06-20
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)33 times CaptainKirk2012-04-14
Iron Lady, The31 times nuldeday2012-04-01
Iron Man39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Iron Man 242 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Iron Man 235 times jasgot2011-06-20
Iron Sky (2012.)35 times CaptainKirk2012-06-16
It's a Wonderful Life31 times jasgot2011-06-20
J. Edgar33 times nuldeday2012-02-26
Jack and the Beanstalk32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Jack the Giant Slayer26 times nuldeday2013-06-07
James Bond: 01. Dr. No32 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 02. From Russia With Love40 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 03. Goldfinger33 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 04. Thunderball37 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 05. You Only Live Twice39 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 07. Diamonds Are Forever30 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 08. Live And Let Die33 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 10. The Spy Who Loved Me33 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 11. Moonraker34 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 12. For Your Eyes Only35 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 13. Octopussy32 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 14. A View To A Kill33 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 15. The Living Daylights34 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 16. Licence To Kill35 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 17. GoldenEye35 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 18. Tomorrow Never Dies32 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 19. The World Is Not Enough31 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 20. Die Another Day31 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 21. Casino Royale34 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: 22. Quantum Of Solace34 times acroop2011-09-05
James Bond: Casino Royale (1967)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Jane Eyre (2011)33 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Jarhead31 times nuldeday2012-04-22
JBond: 09. The Man With The Golden Gun36 times acroop2011-09-05
JBond:06. On Her Majestys Secret Service33 times acroop2011-09-05
John Carter (2012)34 times CaptainKirk2012-05-19
John Carter - 201239 times kevinchua562012-09-28
Johnny English Reborn (2011)38 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Jolene31 times jasgot2011-06-20
Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie Poster SEE RANK Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie43 times jasgot2011-06-20
Journey 2, The Mysterious Island (2012)32 times CaptainKirk2012-05-18
Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008)29 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
Jumper (2008)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Jurassic Park35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Jurassic Park 2-The Lost World39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Jurassic Park III-The Extinction37 times nuldeday2011-11-30
Just Go with It53 times jasgot2011-06-20
Justice League Doom (2012)35 times CaptainKirk2012-04-09
Kill Bill40 times teaze2011-05-23
Kill List28 times nuldeday2012-01-09
Kill List (2011)25 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-11
Kill the Irishman41 times jasgot2011-06-20
Killer Elite33 times nuldeday2012-01-09
King Kong47 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Kingdom Of Heaven31 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Kung Fu Panda53 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Kung Fu Panda 242 times nuldeday2011-10-26
La Grande Vadrouille (1966)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Labor Pains35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Labyrinth (1986)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Lady in the Water31 times nuldeday2011-08-12
Lapland Odyssey37 times jasgot2011-06-20
Last Night36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Last Stop 17434 times jasgot2011-06-20
Law Abiding Citizen33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Lawless -201231 times kevinchua562012-11-23
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole41 times jasgot2011-06-20
Legend of Zorro37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Legende van Ga'Hoole41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Letters from Iwo Jima33 times nuldeday2011-06-29
Life of Pi31 times nuldeday2013-04-01
Limitless64 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Limitless42 times jasgot2011-06-20
Little Fockers36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Live Free or Die Hard32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels34 times FritFrut2011-08-22
Lockout - 201229 times kevinchua562012-09-29
Looper (2012)30 times Med_500X2_JB2012-12-16
Looper (2012)31 times kevinchua562012-12-17
Lord of the Rings-Fellowship of the Ring47 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Lord of the Rings-Return of the King50 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Lord of the Rings-The Two Towers50 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Lost city raiders (2008)36 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Love (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-05-02
Love and other Impossible Pursuits34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Love Story (1970)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Machete29 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Machine Gun Preacher31 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
Machine Gun Preacher36 times nuldeday2012-04-23
Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted (2012)29 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-11
Madagascar 3 Europes Most Wanted (2012)35 times kevinchua562012-11-27
Magnum Force33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Man on a Ledge - 201235 times kevinchua562012-09-28
Man on Fire36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Mansfield Park33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Mars Attacks!38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Mars needs moms!29 times nuldeday2011-11-30
Mask of Zorro38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Master and Commander: the Far Side of the World36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Matrix41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Matrix 248 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Matrix 339 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Maximum Risk (1996)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-26
Meet the Fockers32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Meet the Robinsons (2007)36 times CaptainKirk2012-03-14
MegaMind42 times nuldeday2011-07-30
Memento36 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Memorial Day (2011)30 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
Men in Black 137 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Men in Black 3 (2012)31 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-10
Men Of Honor37 times nuldeday2012-04-28
Mesrine L'Ennemi Public N 129 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Metal shifters (2011)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Miami Vice (2006)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Midnight Cowboy32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Milf36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Minority Report35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
MirrorMask (2005)35 times CaptainKirk2012-02-10
Mirrors35 times nuldeday2012-04-01
Mission Impossible 135 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Mission Impossible 234 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Mission Impossible 344 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Mission To Mars34 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Mission.Impossible - Ghost Protocol (2011)36 times CaptainKirk2012-04-08
Mongol (2007)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Monster House32 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Moon (2009)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Mulan (1998)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-13
Mystic Pizza32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Narc35 times jasgot2011-06-20
National Treasure41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
National Treasure 2-Book of Secrets37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Nazis at the center of the earth (2012)37 times CaptainKirk2012-05-02
Neverland (2011)26 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
New Kids Nitro (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Night at the Museum 1 (2006)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Night at the Museum 2, Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Ninja Assasin - 200928 times kevinchua562012-09-28
No Country for Old Men38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
No Strings Attached52 times jasgot2011-06-20
Nova Zembla (2011)37 times CaptainKirk2012-03-20
Oblivion (2013)24 times nuldeday2013-07-29
Ocean's Eleven38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Office Space (1999)27 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Omen II-Damien35 times nuldeday2012-04-01
Omen III- The Final Conflict30 times nuldeday2012-04-01
Omen, The33 times nuldeday2012-04-01
Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)35 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Once Were Warriors38 times nuldeday2012-04-22
One Eight Seven32 times jasgot2011-06-20
One for the Money27 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
One Life (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-04-08
Open Season 332 times jasgot2011-06-20
Orphan28 times acroop2011-09-05
Orphan35 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Out of Time28 times jasgot2011-06-20
Outbreak36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Outlander (2008)31 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Outsourced (2006)27 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Pan's Labyrinth (2006)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-28
Panic Button (2011)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-13
Paranormal Activity 328 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Pariah33 times nuldeday2012-05-25
Patatje Oorlog (2011)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-23
Paul (2011)28 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Paycheck (2003)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-28
Pearl Harbor39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Pentagon Wars34 times FritFrut2011-08-22
Percy Jackson And The Olympians-The Lightning Thief45 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Perfect Sense35 times Nuldeday2012-08-22
Peter Pan (1953)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-13
Pink Floyd The Wall (1982)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Pinocchio44 times jasgot2011-06-20
Pinocchio (1940)32 times CaptainKirk2012-03-27
Pirates of the Caribbean-At World's End56 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead man's Chest49 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Pirates Of The Caribbean-On Stranger Tides35 times acroop2011-09-05
Pirates of the Caribbean-On Stranger Tides45 times nuldeday2011-09-08
Pirates of the Caribbean-The Curse of the Black Pearl55 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Pitch Black40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Planet 51 (2009)36 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Planet of the Apes36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Planet of the apes (1968)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Planet of the apes (2001)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Planet of the Apes (2001)31 times nuldeday2012-02-09
Pocahontas (1995)30 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
Pocahontas 2 (1998)34 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
Predators35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Premium Rush (2012)31 times kevinchua562012-12-06
Pride And Glory35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Pride And Prejudice37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Priest36 times nuldeday2012-01-05
Prince of Persia41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Princess Protection Program41 times jasgot2011-06-20
Prizzi's Honor34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Project X (1987)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Project X (2012)40 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
Prometheus (2012)28 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-22
Prometheus - 201233 times kevinchua562012-09-29
Pulp Fiction35 times jasgot2011-06-20
Puss in Boots (2011)37 times CaptainKirk2012-03-23
Puss in Boots (De gelaarsde kat)35 times nuldeday2012-04-09
Rabat (2011)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Rabbit Hole29 times jasgot2011-06-20
Raging Bull33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Rambo 338 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Rambo- first blood part II38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Ransom (1996)31 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
Rapunzel56 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Ratatouille32 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Real Steel (2011)37 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Red50 times nuldeday2011-08-12
Red Canyon27 times jasgot2011-06-20
Red Dog (2011)33 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Red Lights - 201239 times kevinchua562012-09-28
Red mist (2008)33 times CaptainKirk2012-04-11
Red Planet31 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Red riding hood36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Red Riding Hood32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Red State (2011)29 times CaptainKirk2012-03-23
Red Tails33 times nuldeday2012-05-05
Red tails (2012)32 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Rescue Dawn29 times jasgot2011-06-20
Resident Evil (2002)26 times kevinchua562012-12-07
Resident Evil Retribution (2012)28 times kevinchua562012-12-07
Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010)28 times kevinchua562012-12-07
Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)30 times kevinchua562012-12-07
Resident Evil: Extinction (2007)31 times kevinchua562012-12-07
Retreat33 times nuldeday2012-04-02
Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-14
Revolutionary Road32 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Revolver30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Righteous Kill42 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Rio65 times nuldeday2011-08-11
Rise of the Guardians (de vijf legendes)29 times nuldeday2013-04-01
Rise of the Planet of the Apes39 times nuldeday2011-11-12
Road to St. Tropez17 times jasgot2011-06-20
Robin Hood43 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Robocop (1987)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-21
Robocop 2 (1990)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-22
Robocop 3 (1993)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-21
Rock of Ages (2012)29 times kevinchua562012-11-27
Ronin36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Roommate, The29 times nuldeday2012-03-04
Route Irish36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Route Irish33 times nuldeday2011-08-12
Running Scared30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Rush Hour (1998)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-21
Rush Hour 2 (2001)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-22
Rush Hour 3 (2007)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-21
S.W.A.T (2003)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-17
S1m0ne (2002)35 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Safe House (2012)30 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Safe House - 201254 times kevinchua562012-09-28
Sanctum47 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Sanctum36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Saw27 times nuldeday2012-02-26
Saw31 times jasgot2011-06-20
Saw 233 times jasgot2011-06-20
Saw 334 times jasgot2011-06-20
Saw 3D31 times jasgot2011-06-20
Saw 432 times jasgot2011-06-20
Saw 531 times jasgot2011-06-20
Saw 634 times jasgot2011-06-20
Saw II23 times nuldeday2012-02-26
Saw III25 times nuldeday2012-02-26
Saw IV29 times nuldeday2012-02-26
Saw VI32 times nuldeday2012-02-26
Saw VII: The Final Chapter31 times nuldeday2012-02-26
schemer (2010)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-28
Season of the Witch42 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Secret Window31 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Secret Window42 times jasgot2011-06-20
Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World (2012)34 times kevinchua562012-11-27
Seeking Justice25 times nuldeday2012-03-05
Seeking Justice25 times Med_500X2_JB2012-02-17
Seeking Justice (2011)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-23
Seven Below33 times nuldeday2012-04-29
Seven Pounds33 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Sex and the City30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Shame (2011)32 times CaptainKirk2012-04-12
Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Sherlock Holmes50 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows (2011)33 times CaptainKirk2012-04-16
Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon28 times jasgot2011-06-20
Sherlock Holmes in Washington29 times jasgot2011-06-20
Sherlock Holmes-A Game of Shadows34 times nuldeday2012-04-22
Shocking Blue (2011)32 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Shooter36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Shooter34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Short Circuit (1986)36 times CaptainKirk2012-03-20
Short Circuit 2 (1988)33 times CaptainKirk2012-03-20
Shrek (2001)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Shrek 2 (2004)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Shrek Forever After (2010)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-09
Shrek Forever After (2010) FOUT28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Shrek the Third (2007)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Sideways (2004)27 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Sin City33 times nuldeday2011-11-12
Sinbad and the Minotaur40 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Sinister33 times nuldeday2013-03-24
Sint (2011)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Sister Act (1992)37 times CaptainKirk2012-04-16
Sister Act 2 Back in the Habit (1993)33 times CaptainKirk2012-04-18
Skyline40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Sleepers29 times jasgot2011-06-20
Sleeping Beauty37 times jasgot2011-06-20
Sleepy Hollow33 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Slumdog Millionaire37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Snatch35 times FritFrut2011-08-22
Snatch30 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Snow Beast (2011)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-10
Snow White and the Huntsman34 times Nuldeday2012-10-20
Snow White and the Husband (2012)31 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-10
Social Network, The28 times nuldeday2012-03-04
Solyaris33 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Something Wild32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Sophie Scholl Die letzten Tage35 times nuldeday2011-06-29
Sorcerer's Apprentice34 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Source Code39 times nuldeday2011-08-12
South of the border (2009)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-10
Soylent Green30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Space Chimps39 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Space Chimps 236 times nuldeday2011-08-12
Spartacus: Blood and Sand36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Speed (1994)31 times CaptainKirk2012-03-15
Spetters (1980)33 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Spetters (2008) [1080p]33 times CaptainKirk2012-05-19
Sphere (1998)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Spiderman46 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Spiderman 245 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Spiderman 344 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Spiderwick Chronicles38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Splice34 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Star Trek - Of Gods And Men (2007)241 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Star Wars 1-The Phantom Menace48 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Star Wars 2-Attack of the Clones42 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Star Wars 3-Revenge of the Sith47 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Star Wars 4-A New Hope38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Star Wars 5-The Empire Strikes Back35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Star Wars 6-Return of the Jedi37 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Stardust33 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Stargate (1994)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Stargate SG1 - Continuum (2008)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Stargate SG1 - The ark of truth (2008)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Starship troopers 132 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Starship Troopers 2-Hero of the Federation31 times nuldeday2012-04-02
Starship Troopers Invasion (2012)32 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-11
Starship.Troopers 2 Hero of the Federation (2004)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 01 The Motion Picture (1979)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 02 The Wrath of Khan (1982)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 03 The Search for Spock (1984)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 03 The Search for Spock (1984)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 04 The Voyage Home (1986)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 05 The Final Frontier (1989)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 06 The Undiscovered Country (1991)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 07 Generations (1994)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 08 First Contact (1996)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 09 Insurrection (1998)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 10 Nemesis (2002)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
StarTrek 11 Star Trek (2009)36 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Stitch! The Movie (2003)33 times CaptainKirk2012-05-18
Stolen (2012)27 times Med_500X2_JB2012-10-13
Straw Dogs (2011)27 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Student Bodies30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Sucker Punch40 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Sudden Impact36 times jasgot2011-06-20
Super 8 (2011)29 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
Superhero Movie (2008)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-26
Superman 1-The Movie40 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Superman 231 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Superman 334 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Superman 4-The Quest for Peace33 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Superman Returns28 times nuldeday2012-01-15
Supernova (2000)27 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
Swordfish38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Syriana32 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Take Shelter31 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Taken41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Tangled46 times jasgot2011-06-20
Taps31 times jasgot2011-06-20
Tarzan and the amazons (1945)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-22
Tarzan (1999)36 times CaptainKirk2012-03-29
Tears of the Sun48 times jasgot2011-06-20
Ted27 times nuldeday2013-03-24
TED - 201233 times kevinchua562012-11-17
Terminator 144 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Terminator 2-Judgment Day43 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Terminator 3-Rise of the Machines43 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Terminator 4-Salvation35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Tess of the d`urbervilles29 times Nuldeday2012-08-22
test32 times thijso2013-04-04
test236 times thijso2013-04-04
The 'Adult' Nutcracker34 times jasgot2011-06-20
The A-Team32 times nuldeday2012-01-20
The Addams Family37 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Adjustment Bureau35 times nuldeday2011-08-12
The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert31 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Adventures of TinTin31 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
The Age of Stupid (2009)32 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
The aggression scale (2012)34 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
The Alibi33 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Amazing Spiderman - 201234 times kevinchua562012-11-17
The American President - 199529 times kevinchua562012-09-28
The Animatrix (2003)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Ant Bully40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Arrival (1996)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-17
The artist (2011)37 times CaptainKirk2012-04-08
The Avengers (2012)30 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Avengers - 201236 times kevinchua562012-09-30
The Aviator (2004)37 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
The Big Bang (2011)30 times CaptainKirk2012-04-12
The Big Lebowski (1998)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
The Bone Collector35 times nuldeday2012-01-20
The Book Of Eli35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Book of Eli32 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Boondock Saints28 times FritFrut2011-08-22
The Bourne Legacy (2012)25 times Med_500X2_JB2012-12-16
The Box (2009)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Butterfly Effect 235 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Cabin in the Woods (2011)34 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Cannonball Run (1981)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-21
The Cell (2000)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-17
The cell 2 (2009)27 times CaptainKirk2012-04-09
The Core31 times nuldeday2012-01-20
The courier (2011)37 times CaptainKirk2012-04-08
The dark crystal (1982)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Dark Knight Rises (2012)33 times Med_500X2_JB2012-12-16
The Darkest Hour (2011)27 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Day after Tomorrow40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Dead Pool34 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Deer Hunter35 times nuldeday2011-06-28
The Descendants26 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
The Descendants (2011)36 times CaptainKirk2012-03-15
The Dictator (2012)28 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Dilemma38 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Divide (2011)33 times CaptainKirk2012-04-08
The Eagle36 times nuldeday2011-08-12
The English Patient36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Evil Dead27 times nuldeday2012-02-26
The Expendables42 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Expendables (2010)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-18
The Expendables 2 (2012)36 times Med_500X2_JB2012-10-18
The Fast and the Furious (2001)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The fast and the furious, Tokyo drift (2006)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Final Countdown35 times jasgot2011-06-20
The final countdown (1080)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Firm (1993)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-26
The Fly (1986)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Fountain35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The French Connection (1971)36 times CaptainKirk2012-02-13
The French Connection II (1975)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-13
The Game31 times nuldeday2011-06-10
The Ghost Writer33 times nuldeday2011-06-10
The Ghost Writer37 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Girl in the Park32 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo40 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
The Golden Compass45 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Golden Compass32 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Good the Bad and the Ugly25 times nuldeday2012-01-15
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly34 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Goonies30 times nuldeday2012-01-20
The Goonies 1080p (1985)33 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
The Great Debaters34 times nuldeday2011-06-10
The Greatest Story ever Told30 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965)29 times CaptainKirk2012-03-23
The Green Hornet40 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Grey42 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
The Grey31 times kevinchua562012-09-28
The Grey (2012)32 times CaptainKirk2012-03-15
The Guardian31 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag32 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Hangover46 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Help32 times nuldeday2012-01-29
The Hessen Affair32 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Hit List41 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey28 times nuldeday2013-03-24
The human centipede (2009)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Hunger Games (2012)35 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Hunting Party27 times nuldeday2012-04-09
The Hurricane (1999)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Hurt Locker36 times jasgot2011-06-20
The hurt locker33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Ides Of March28 times nuldeday2012-01-29
The Incredibles41 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Incredibles32 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Invasion (2007)35 times CaptainKirk2012-03-16
The Iron Lady (2011)35 times CaptainKirk2012-03-22
The Island38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Island36 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Italian Job40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Italian Job35 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Jewel of the Nile (1985)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The King's Speech42 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Last Boy Scout (1991)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Last Samurai33 times nuldeday2011-06-10
The Last Starfighter (1984)38 times CaptainKirk2012-06-03
The Last Unicorn33 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Last Unicorn (1982)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
The Lion King 3_ Hakuna Matata! (2004)33 times CaptainKirk2012-03-20
The Lion King II_ Simba's Pride (1998)38 times CaptainKirk2012-03-16
The Longest Day (1962)33 times CaptainKirk2012-03-23
The Lorax (2012)29 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Lucky One (2012)33 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Magic of Belle Isle (2012)66 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-11
The Magnificent Seven (1960)32 times CaptainKirk2012-05-19
The Man From Earth33 times FritFrut2011-08-22
The Manchurian Candidate35 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Mechanic55 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Mechanic41 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Mechanic (1972)33 times CaptainKirk2012-03-16
The Mortician29 times nuldeday2012-02-26
The Mummy48 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Mummy Returns (2001)35 times CaptainKirk2012-04-08
The NeverEnding Story (1984)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Neverending Story (1984) [1080P]28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-22
The NeverEnding Story 2, The next chapter (1990)35 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The NeverEnding Story 3 (1994)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The New Daughter33 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Next Three Days37 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Next Three Days31 times acroop2011-09-05
The Ninth Gate38 times nuldeday2011-06-10
The Nutcracker28 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Nutcracker Russian16 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Omega Man (1971)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-15
The One (2001)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Painted Veil30 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Patriot33 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Patriot (2000)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Pearl of Death33 times jasgot2011-06-20
The pelican brief (1993)27 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
The Pianist34 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Piano33 times nuldeday2011-06-10
The Pillow Book33 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Pink Panther34 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Pink Panther (1963)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The pink panther (2006)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-07
The Pink Panther 2 (2009)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-07
The Pink Panther Classic Cartoon Collection32 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Polar Express (2004)36 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
The Prestige25 times nuldeday2012-01-15
The Princess and the Frog35 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Princess Bride32 times FritFrut2011-08-22
The Quest (1996)33 times CaptainKirk2012-03-20
The Raven31 times kevinchua562012-09-28
The Recruit36 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Resident40 times jasgot2011-06-20
The return of the Pink Panther (1975)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-07
The Rite43 times nuldeday2011-06-10
The Rite39 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Road34 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Rum Diary (2011)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
The Samaritan (2012)27 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Scarlet Claw32 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Silence of the Lambs37 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Sitter (2011)31 times CaptainKirk2012-03-23
The Sixth Sense (1999)38 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Spider Women29 times jasgot2011-06-20
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie38 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Sting38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
The Sting33 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Substitute33 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Taking of Pelham One Two Three49 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Tempest32 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
The Ten Commandments34 times jasgot2011-06-20
The ten Commandments (1956)34 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
The Thing (2011)34 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
The Thirteenth Floor (1999)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Three Musketeers (2011)34 times nuldeday2012-02-07
The Three Stooges (2012)27 times Med_500X2_JB2012-08-25
The Tourist49 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Towering Inferno (1974)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Transporter 1 (2002)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Transporter 2 (2005)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Transporter 3 (2008)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
The Truman Show (1998)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
The Untouchables34 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Warriors30 times nuldeday2011-10-16
The Way Back46 times jasgot2011-06-20
The Witches Of Oz29 times nuldeday2012-01-20
The X Files: I Want To Believe28 times nuldeday2012-02-26
There Be Dragons30 times nuldeday2012-01-28
Thir13n Ghost29 times nuldeday2012-02-28
Thirteenth Floor, The26 times nuldeday2012-02-07
This Means War - 201231 times kevinchua562012-09-28
Thomas & Friends: Misty Island Rescue32 times jasgot2011-06-20
Thor (2011)67 times nuldeday2011-08-28
Thor, Tales of Asgard (2011)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-13
Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, The29 times nuldeday2012-05-05
Three Kings (1999)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-23
Three Musketeers, The (2011)30 times nuldeday2012-02-07
Tim & Erics Billion Dollar Movie (2012)32 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Timecop34 times nuldeday2012-01-20
timeline (2003)42 times CaptainKirk2012-04-09
Tinker Tailor Soldier spy36 times nuldeday2012-01-16
TinkerBell (2008)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
TinkerBell en de Grote Reddingsoperatie (2010)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Titanic39 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Tom and Jerry The Wizard of Oz (2011)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-14
Tomb Raider 2-The Cradle of Life34 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Tomb.Raider 137 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Tooth Fairy 2 (2012)29 times CaptainKirk2012-03-23
Topsy-Turvy38 times jasgot2011-06-20
Tora Tora Tora (1970)33 times CaptainKirk2012-04-09
Total Recal31 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Total Recall - 201230 times Med_500X2_JB2012-11-12
Total Recall - 201230 times kevinchua562012-11-17
Tower Heist30 times nuldeday2012-02-26
Tower Heist31 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-14
Tower Heist (2011)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-11
Toy Story 1 (1995)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Toy Story 2 (1999)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-06
Toy Story 342 times nuldeday2011-08-12
Tracker33 times jasgot2011-06-20
Traffic34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Transformers46 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Transformers-Revenge of the Fallen38 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Transformers:Dark of the Moon36 times nuldeday2011-10-26
Transit32 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Treasure Buddies (2012)28 times Med_500X2_JB2012-09-27
Tremors39 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Trespass31 times nuldeday2012-03-05
TRON (1982)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
TRON Legagy (2010)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Trouble with the Curve (2012)30 times kevinchua562012-12-10
Troy35 times nuldeday2011-06-09
True Grit47 times jasgot2011-06-20
True Grit32 times nuldeday2011-08-12
Trust26 times nuldeday2011-11-30
Tucker & Dale vs Evil34 times jasgot2011-06-20
Tucker and Dale vs Evil31 times Med_500X2_JB2012-02-17
Twelve Monkeys (1995)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-23
Twilight zone the movie (1983)30 times CaptainKirk2012-02-26
Underworld35 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Underworld (2003)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Underworld 2 - Evolution29 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Underworld 2, Evolution (2006)27 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Underworld 3 - Rise Of The Lycans34 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Underworld Awakening (2012)41 times CaptainKirk2012-04-18
Underworld-Rise of the Lycans33 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Unknown42 times nuldeday2012-01-20
Unstoppable (2010)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08
Unthinkable (2010)34 times CaptainKirk2012-02-10
Up65 times nuldeday2011-06-09
V for Vendetta33 times jasgot2011-06-20
V for Vendetta42 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Valiant30 times jasgot2011-06-20
Van Diemens Land32 times nuldeday2011-06-10
Van Helsing36 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Vanishing on 7th Street40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Vanishing on 7th Street37 times jasgot2011-06-20
Verschrikkelijke ikke55 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Waiting for Forever29 times jasgot2011-06-20
Walkabout37 times jasgot2011-06-20
Wall-E59 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Wanderlust - 201225 times kevinchua562012-09-28
Wanted40 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Wanted43 times jasgot2011-06-20
War Horse (2011)36 times Med_500X2_JB2012-03-22
War of the Worlds35 times nuldeday2012-04-01
War of the worlds (2005)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
War of the Worlds 2 The Next Wave (2008)33 times CaptainKirk2012-02-10
Waterworld (1995)29 times CaptainKirk2012-02-21
We bought a Zoo (2011)36 times CaptainKirk2012-03-22
Weird-Science (1985)27 times CaptainKirk2012-03-06
WestWorld (1973)31 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Westworld (1973) [1080p]33 times CaptainKirk2012-05-19
What Women Want38 times jasgot2011-06-20
When Harry Met Sally40 times jasgot2011-06-20
When the wind blows (1986)35 times CaptainKirk2012-05-13
Whistleblower, The26 times nuldeday2012-03-04
White Irish Drinkers33 times nuldeday2012-05-28
Wicked, The30 times nuldeday2013-06-07
Wild Wild West (1999)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
Windtalkers45 times jasgot2011-06-20
Witchville34 times nuldeday2012-01-09
Woman In Black, The33 times nuldeday2012-05-04
Wrath of the Titans36 times nuldeday2012-06-21
Wrath of the titans (2012)33 times CaptainKirk2012-06-16
X-files: Fight the Future (1998)28 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
X-files: I Want to Believe (2008)32 times CaptainKirk2012-02-05
X-Men 146 times nuldeday2011-06-09
X-men 2-X2-Xmen United54 times nuldeday2011-06-09
X-Men 3-The last stand42 times nuldeday2011-06-09
X-Men Origins-Wolverine44 times nuldeday2011-06-09
X-Men-First Class37 times nuldeday2011-11-30
XIII The Conspiracy43 times nuldeday2011-06-09
Yogi Bear68 times jasgot2011-06-20
Yogi Bear29 times nuldeday2011-12-12
You will meet a tall dark stranger38 times nuldeday2011-06-28
Zathura-a space adventure39 times nuldeday2011-11-30
Zwart Water (2010)26 times CaptainKirk2012-02-08

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